How to Receive the Reading Service Signal

Did you know that there are six different ways you can receive TRRS programming?

1. SCA Receivers

TRRS broadcasts news and information over a sub-channel of WUNC-FM and can be received over the air anywhere in their service area.  To receive our on-air broadcast requires the use of a special tuned sub-channel receiver (SCA).  Thanks to the generous donations of individuals and corporations, radio receivers are loaned out free of charge to our listeners.

2. Community Access Channels

TRRS programming is the audio portion for Community Access channels on Time Warner Cable in many Triangle communities.  Below are the cable channels where the TRRS audio signal is found. Click the links to see each city’s published schedule (in PDF format).

We are not aware of our signal being passed on Community Access channels in Durham or Chapel Hill.

3. Cable FM

Time Warner Cable subscribers in Raleigh have uninterrupted, 24/7 programming from TRRS on cable FM radio.  If you have an active cable connection in your home, all you need is cable ready radio to begin receiving TRRS programming.

A cable ready radio is any radio that has a cable jack just like your TV.  TRRS broadcasts through Time Warner Cable FM on channel 89.3 in Raleigh.  Simply connect your radio to the cable jack on the wall, tune to our channel and begin listening.  If you have a TV already connected to that jack, you can receive both signals with a simple device called a splitter.

4. Web Streaming

TRRS programming can be received from any computer connected to the internet.  Click on the “Listen Now Live” option at the top right corner of any of our web pages, and you can begin listening to TRRS programming while you continue to use your computer.  (Not available for iPhone or iPad devices.)  To learn more about this option, read How to Get TRRS's Signal Over the Web.

5. Apps

We are now available on TuneIn and ooTunes. TuneIn is available on Android and Apple devices. ooTunes is available on Apple devices. Just install the apps and search for Triangle Radio Reading Service!

6. Podcasting

To access podcasts (recordings of many of our programs), click the Podcasts link under LISTEN in the navigation block at the top of any page.  Screen Reader users may jump directly to Podcasts via a visually hidden link at the top of the page.

7. Other Reading Services

Portions of TRRS programming is also available where it is used for rebroadcast as network programming by other reading services around the state.

TRRS works to make the distribution methods be the best they can be to meet the needs and availability of our intended audience.  Suggestions and recommendations are welcome.  Please call 919-832-5138.