TRRS Podcasts

We offer the following podcasts of publications and special programs exclusively for people with print or visual impairments. You can listen to them now, right here, or download them to a portable MP3 player or your computer for later playback. You can also receive selected podcasts (denoted with an asterisk) via iTunes or LibSyn.  For a complete explanation of podcasts, see the bottom of this page.

To get started, click on any podcast name of interest.  You will be presented with a list of "episodes" for that podcast.  Each episode has the date encoded in its name; e.g., TIME0301 for the March 1st recording of Time Magazine.  Then left-click the podcast episode name to listen to it now, or right-click it to download it.  If you play it now, whatever program you have assigned to MP3 files will activate.  Typically this is Windows Media Player running in a separate window for Internet Explorer, but a built-in application running in a new tabbed window for Mozilla Firefox.  Note:  at this time, you cannot "subscribe" to podcasts via this method, but limited subscriptions are available via Libsyn and iTunes as noted.

Special symbols used in the list below have the following meaning:

Our Podcasts

From Newspapers Magazines Specials % Newsletters

Armchair Traveler #
Drug and Dept Store Ads * #
Grocery Store Ads *
Independent *
Money Matters
News and Observer
News at Noon
Out in the Garden #
Que Pasa
Religion in the News *
Restaurant Review #
Sports in NC *
Thought for Food
Triangle Bulletin Board *
Triangle Business Journal *
USA Today

All About Pets
Discover Magazine 
Health Issues
Ladies' Magazines
LION Magazine
Modern Maturity
NC History #
Nutrition News
Oprah #
Our State #
Reader's Digest
Reminisce Magazine
Sports Illustrated Kids
Teen Magazines
The New Yorker
The Week *
Time *
Vanity Fair #
Walter Magazine NEW

Anne Frank
Audio Description:  Where & How? #
Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Between the Creeks NEW
Blind Justice
Boston Terrier Mysteries
Cary Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition
Changing Places
Community Connections NEW
Connect to Success
Did You Know?
Discover Magazine Extra NEW
Education Today
Fork In The Road
Heard Any Good Books Lately?
Legal Matters #
Let Them Be Heard
Movie Review
MovieReviewTheatrePreview #
Music Review
NCLBPH program
NC Museum Of Art You Are Here Exhibit NEW
Play Review
Poetry Corner NEW
Raleigh Sculptures
Salute A Veteran Everyday
Science Fiction #
Symphony Notes #
Take My Arm
Tech Tips #
That's A Laugh NEW
Triangle Yesteryear #
Vision News
What I Came To Tell You

Abbotswood News NEW
NCAPVI Newsletter
On Target Disability Rights NC  NEW
SHIIP: Senior Health Insurance Information Program
Spare Times - Raleigh Outlaws Bowling League
TarHeel Talk Newsletter
VIP Newsletter

Directory of All Podcasts

What are Podcasts?

According to Wikipedia, "A podcast is a type of digital media consisting of an episodic series of audio files subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication or streamed online to a computer or mobile device."  Here at the Triangle Radio Reading Service, our volunteers read periodicals daily or weekly for live or delayed broadcast via our on-the-air signal.  Some of those recordings are saved and made available online as podcasts.  (A few recordings are available exclusively as podcasts and are not broadcast online.)

By making podcasts available online, you can listen to them at your convenience, not just when we initially broadcast them or rebroadcast them.  And you have two options for listening to them:

Some of our podcasts are also made available via subscription services (for free) where simply logging on to the service with your MP3 device connected will automatically download new versions of podcasts to which you subscribe.  Because there is a cost to TRRS to feed our podcasts this way via an intermediary service, only selected podcasts are made available this way.

When you click on a link to one of our podcasts listed above, you will be taken to a simple menu of all the podcasts available for that particular topic.  The podcasts are listed in reverse chronological order, the most recent first, and each podcast name has the date appended to its name either as mmddyy or mmdd.  For instance, if you were to click on Armchair Traveler, here is the first part of what you might see:

Index of /trrs/ArmChairTraveler

Name                                  Last modified  Size Description
Back Arrow Parent Directory -
Musical Note TRAVEL030313.MP3 28-Feb-2013 17:52 6.8M
Musical Note TRAVEL022413.MP3 23-Feb-2013 20:50 6.8M
Musical Note TRAVEL021713.MP3 23-Feb-2013 20:49 6.8M
Musical Note TRAVEL021013.MP3 23-Feb-2013 20:49 6.8M

Skip the line "Parent Directory."  The most current issue of Armchair Traveler is shown on the next line, and the date of that issue is part of its name:  030313, or March 3, 2013.  You can ignore the rest of the information on the line, which contains the date the podcast was uploaded and its size.

Selecting (clicking) on the blue filename will cause your computer to begin playing that particular podcast.  But if you RIGHT CLICK on the podcast name (or do the screen reader equivalent), you should get a menu which will include something like "Save Target As" or "Save Link As," which is how you save the podcast to a local disc (or MP3 player plugged into your USB port) to play later.

If you have any questions about this process, please phone our office at 919-832-5138.

Legal Notice

Certain podcasts use small portions of music acquired from INCOMPETECH, which requests that we attribute as follows:

Cary Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition
Canon in D Major (Pachebel)
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0