Project AAIIM

Audio Accessible Instructional and Informational Materials

Project AAIIM for Success

Triangle Radio Reading Services (TRRS) is pleased to offer this free service to instructors of print and visually impaired high school and college students.
The purpose of AAIIM is to address an unmet educational need for visually and print impaired students by providing audio accessible instructional materials (such as charts, power points, PDF files, etc) in a secure and timely manner. We accomplish this by recording educational materials provided by instructors and converting them into an MP3 audio format. Students are then able to access the recordings via their own personal Dropbox. Currently, the turnaround time is approximately 72 hours.

This free service is also available for community newsletters geared towards a print and visually impaired audience. Examples of newsletters currently being recorded include the weekly NCAPVI Newsletter, VIP Newsletter from the City of Raleigh Parks and Recreation, and the weekly Raleigh Outlaws Bowling League Spare Times newsletter. These newsletters are recorded and are available as podcasts on our website, and can be downloaded on devices such as a smart phone or laptop.

To be part of this program, please complete the application found here and email to or fax to TRRS at 919-833-5220.